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Secondary School Websites

We know that primary schools may have tight budgets, yet they still need a high quality website that will make their investment worthwhile.

The correct website solution for a secondary school requires an understanding of education in general as well a deep knowledge of the particular school. Secondary schools have a large range in pupil numbers; facilities can be on one site or multiple sites; there may be multiple faculties editing the site... and there’s a whole host of other factors that make each secondary school unique.

If you’re looking to improve, refresh or redesign your secondary school website, we have the experience and the right mix of technologies to help you achieve your goals. We also have a deep understanding of your stakeholders, and have the experience to help you through the entire process, including gaining buy-in from parents and governors, and exceeding Ofsted requirements.

Secondary schools always have an eye on the next intake, and we can help you portray and maximise the values of your school to children and parents ‘making the big jump’ to your school to aid in maintaining pupil numbers.

We also believe this process should be a smooth and enjoyable one from start to finish. Our experience and knowledge enables us to guide you through all the options and the approval process and produce a great looking and hard working website that will be a worthwhile investment for years to come.

We’ve also run projects for secondary schools where we have included pupils to aid with their learning and understanding of business.

If you’re looking to redevelop or refresh your secondary school website, we'd love to learn more about your school or academy. Please contact Ian or Richard for free advice and a detailed proposal call 0114 399 0212 or email

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