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Following the introduction of a new management team, Westfield Sports College in Sheffield made swift and significant progress in raising standards and grades across key areas of the school.

It soon became clear that the ‘Sports College’ element of the school name gave an impression of an educational offer for young people and parents that was far too narrow and the decision was taken to change the name to simply ‘Westfield School’.

In order to communicate both these new successes and the change in name, we were asked to support the management team and work with all the key stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition of repositioning and implement a new ‘creative look’ for the school brand and, as part of the larger project, create a new website for the school.

Project Details

  • We created and launched the Westfield School website that drew on the key elements of the newly generated school identity.
  • Fully content managed from the school, the new website provided the opportunity to really focus on the important aspects of school; showcasing the faculties and reflecting its core ethos and beliefs.
  • As well as school content, the website provided seamless integration into a number of off-site facilities providing, uniform purchase and the Parental portal.
  • The site and all the brand work has been positively received by pupils, staff, parents, management and governors alike and elements of the work we have done have been entered for European awards.

What They Think

“We have what we now believe is a truly outstanding brand which will help us meet many of our objectives and contribute to our success for years to come. We feel it truly reflects the vibrancy and energy that our school provides our pupils”.
- Andy Ireland, Head Teacher. Westfield School.
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