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Rochdale, Middleton and Heywood Council are one of many authorities striving to disseminate the vast quantity of information to young people and their parents enquiring about the National Apprenticeship scheme and providers.

The council require straight forward, engaging resources that set out clearly the Apprenticeship Programme, and encourage young people to get in touch.

Project Details

  • Development of a series of successful targeted resources for the authority
  • Included a direct mail campaign, leaflets, exhibition materials, online jobs portal and the ‘Apprenticeship brochure’.
  • Hard working campaign and online portal that has greatly increased Apprenticeship applications
  • Now in the sixth year of production and helping Rochdale continually increase their Apprenticeship Applications

What They Think

“Firstly, everything great, and thanks for producing the website – it’s gone down very well indeed and is already producing many additional applications for us."- Andrew Turner, Wbl Skills & Participation Devt Officer, Early Help & Schools, Rochdale Council - -
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