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An innovative digital information system displaying everything your school is proud of and much more.

Our information screens are designed to present the life of your school, and to be a window onto the wider world. They display multiple channels of information such as a television news tickertape, information about extra-curricular activities, special notices, extracts from your class blogs, star pupil photographs and much more; it’s up to you.

The information is scheduled so it can be adapted to your audience at different times of the day.

It is easy to update yourselves, or to ease your workload we can remotely manage the content of the display for you .

Our digital information screens can be stand-alone or linked to your EdHQ school website, in which case you will be able to manage what the screen displays from the same easy to use CMS system as for updating your website.

Each school’s screen design is bespoke, with the colours, layout and branding of your school.


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Our Digital Screens Portfolio

Firs Hill Primary Digital Screens
Digital Info Screen
Firs Hill Primary Digital Screens