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A shortcut to producing termly curriculum summaries

I just love it when I see that what I do is making a difference. One of our Ed HQ innovations has cut several hours from the workload of school administrators, and at the same time the school is getting a better deal than before!

At one of the schools we were working with, the administrator had a bit of a whinge because it was that time when she had to collate all of the curriculum topics for the next term. Each head of year produced the information for her in a different format – some in Word, others in Publisher or on the inevitable scraps of paper. She had to pull them all together into a cohesive whole.

‘What would really help me is if you could do something on the website to make this job easier’ was her off the cuff challenge. So we did just that.

We created a template within the school website admin area where each teacher creates their next term’s curriculum. By hitting one button to post it, the sheet is published on the school website year group page and the curriculum page for all to see. The school can email a link to it to all of the parents via the website’s newsletter function and it is easy to print off for those parents that aren’t online.

The teachers are pleased because it simplifies their task of creating a termly curriculum summary. The school is pleased because it cuts out a lot of work for their hard pressed admin team and it reinforces the professional image of the school – no more cheerfully amateurish information sheets going out to the parents.

The curriculum topics template was so successful that nearly every other school we work with has asked if they can have it too.

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