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Academy & Trust Websites

Websites for Academies can be approached in a number of different ways to ensure cost-effectiveness and the best online features for your organisation.

The challenge for an Academy can often be to manage and bring together the branding for multiple facilities ‘under one roof’. We have the experience of working with Academies and Trusts to achieve this goal and can help right the way through the process.

Often, the core component of this the Academy website, which we can handle from the ground up, or consult with you to ‘add’ a school to your existing range of websites.

When we do this, our process is to get the right mix of design and clever website features but also free advice & consultation on issues such as Ofsted compliance and managing the approval process with governors, staff and other stakeholders.

We also have experience of naming trusts and schools, branding and creating logos for them, and all the other elements including signage, yearbooks etc.

These many elements come together to provide the correct service for any Academy website project. They keep it on-time, on budget and make the process an enjoyable one.

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